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President Donald Trump: Looking at banning TikTok or a lot of other options

President Trump takes a question on the South Lawn about potential plans to ban TikTok. The 'Power Lunch' team discusses his comments. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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mr.potatohead fire : wut did tik tok do to u
Emily Turtleneck : Why ban an app that people love and thats viral??? Its like taking down the mist thriving app. What worse could it do
Hinsamrech Issarak 8A : What wrong with tiktok? Why ban this man ruining everyone fun
Gavin Slatter : Teenage girls:
Grace Jester : Bruh youre trying to ban tiktok but not the KKK? Ignorance at it's finest
Joseph Rodriguez : Please Don’t. We love this app. So please don’t do it. We all love it so much. It’s the popular app in the whole wild word. Please don’t do it. #SaveTikTok
Neishly Guzman tineo : No
Nuuka White : So he’s orange self wanna ban tiktok but not kkk-.-
_josi2en _ : and then he wants us to respect him like we respect Obama

President Donald Trump Continues To Undermine Legitimacy Of 2020 Election | MTP Daily | MSNBC

President Trump undermines the legitimacy of election as unemployment insurance is set to expire and coronavirus deaths surpass 154,000. Chuck Todd says, “We're following a number of crises facing this presidency.” Aired on 7/31/2020.
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President Donald Trump Continues To Undermine Legitimacy Of 2020 Election | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Thomas Moeller : No sie. We do not know your energy. PLEASE. Help us get behind you and tell us exactly what you are doing to we can support the effort to make this a fare and free election. Please sir. Throw us a bone so we know and can get behind you. Your rhetoric and silence is making our ears bleed. And not from Covid 19.
midknight : Be very afraid. Trump, his enablers and his lackey Postmaster General are doing everything in their power to rig this election. Expect pro-Biden mail ballots to disappear. Expect pro-Trump votes to be disproportionately high. Trump is such a master projectionist and terrible liar that he essentially broadcasts exactly what he’s doing by claiming his opponents are doing it instead..
leroy bat : Mr T is just reapiting himself about China ,over and over again, just like a parrot!
Steven Malham : While Trump is continuously milling filth, evil and lunacy within the windmills of his mind, just WHO is running the federal government? Certainly not the shameful Mitch McConnell--he is scurrying home to Kentucky with his tail between his legs...
S.L. May : The country is being held hostage by a madman. #liberatethewhitehouse
CocoLoco Whatwhat : Impeached trump was born a LOSER and will DIE A LOSER!!!
TARS 7 : Trump is a one term, impeached, unfaithful to his spouse, 5 time bankrupt, narcissist who surrounds himself with convicted felons. A complete disaster!
j leon jackson : He's right! The election will be rigged and it will be the greatest disaster is American history! There will be issue too numerous to count or contend with! He knows this becuase he's doing the rigging to ensure a disaster! He's going to do as much damage as he can to ensure that his name lives in history... forever! A psychopath with no empathy nor concern for anyone (including his cult followers) other than the preservation of his name in history, and it doesn't matter if he's remembered for good or for bad, so long as he's remembered! Vote him out! Vote like your lives and freedom depend on it... BECAUSE THEY DO!
Gene R. : Attention all Trump supporters. Mr. Trump just announced that he will be moving the election date for Republicans to February 30, 2021. So relax, don't worry about the virus, he will have it under control so you will be able to vote, in person, safely. Remember that's February 30th for ALL Republicans ! If any one tells you otherwise it's FAKE NEWS!
Owlelephant 129 : Trump is trying to incite a war between the US and China with this finger pointing rhetoric. He knows his time is up, and all his cronies will sink with his doomed ship. FELLOW AMERICANS...Don’t let this failure of a demagogue destroy us. We can get through this. VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER.

President Trump tells reporters he will ban TikTok in U.S.

President Donald Trump said he will take action as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States.

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#tiktok #tiktokban #trump
C B : I really hope Microsoft doesn’t buy tik tok
cloud tail : Finally
Paige Conway : Victory
Brandon Bunas : well hopefully microsoft buys it then LOL there's a reason why Trump wants it banned and its getting under his skin
Brenna The cat lover : So we shouldn’t have iPhones or any social media because they all spy on people
Ben Dover : No! you Can’t ban tic tock!

Haha, presidential powers go brrrrr
My legs hurt : Now one question remains, who will be the next cancerous social media platform to take Tik Tok/Tik Taks place?
Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies : Ban Facebook too, it's the largest CIA spy tool in history.
Potato Fuel : Yes Trump, yes I usually don't agree with you and well we hate tiktok for different reasons I still hate tiktok so thank you.
MynameisBEYONDyourComprehension : I just want the story of him banning CNN




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