Autumnz Mini UV Steriliser and Dryer

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Powerful UV Sterilization with PHILIPS UV Lamps
Low temperature heat drying process (65°C)
See-through window from top
Safe to sterilise many things like baby bottles, nipples, toys, personal belongings, electronic devices and kitchen utensils.
Tested 99.9% effective to kill bacteria
Super mirror on all sides for effective sterilization
Easy to control and operate with touch screen buttons
Easy to use and maintain
Comes with 7L inner capacity and can hold up to 6 wide neck bottles \u0026 accessories (Note: the height of the baby bottle should not exceed 17cm)
Light Indicator with LED display to monitor operation easily
Buzzer sound indication upon completion of each operation
Built-in filter to ensure efficient drying and cleaner air flow 
Comes with security door switch which will stop all operations automatically when the cover is opened during operation (for safety reason)
Portable size to bring along anywhere \u0026 anytime
BPA Free

*Available now at Mum \u0026 Baby Love Trading and purchase at www.mumandbabylove.com


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