UV STERILIZER BOX TEST! Phone Sanitizer - Does it work?

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UV Sterilizer Box Test! Phone Sanitizer - Does it work? Learn how to sanitize your phone!
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The KeySmart CleanTray UV Sterilization device. It's claimed this portable uv sanitizer box kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in 5 minutes - 2x faster than other leading UV cases. In this video review I test the UV sterilizer box, a phone sanitizer. It promises to kill bacteria in just 5 minutes, compared to Phone Soap 3 at 10 minutes! Perfect for cleaning your mobile phone, keys, wallet, earbuds and more. Does it work? I’ll do a before and after bacteria test. Learn how to sanitize your phone as I show you how you can do your own bacteria test at home, with no special equipment.

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As a true germaphobe, I’ve wanted to get ahold of a UVC sterilizer for some time. Some cell phone sanitizers don’t use UVC, which is a shorter, higher wavelength. UVC light is germicidal, and can kill bacteria. Watch my uv phone sanitizer review. CleanTray offers the best phone sanitizer 2020 to fit large phones up to seven inches. and has some depth for bulkier items such as sunglasses. This UV sterilizer box has a massive 10,000-hour lifespan. You can add aromatherapy essential oils to this portable UV sterilizer. There’s no battery, so this smartphone sterilizer can be shipped internationally. It’s a USB powered UV sanitizer, with a supplied cable. See my UV sanitizer test in the video review.

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How to sanitize mobile phone: Do I have a working smartphone sterilizer? I do a before and after cell phone sanitizer test. Watch and learn how you can do your own fun bacteria test at home. You don't need a special uv phone cleaner device, you can use the same method to test your own smartphone cleaning method, or simply to see the before and after results of washing your hands.

Disclosure: 1. The CleanTray smartphone sanitizer box featured in this video was provided to me free for honest review. Other products shown include Urban wallet \u0026 KeySmart Pro key tidy were also provided free for past video reviews. The opinion expressed in the video is unbiased, descriptive and informative. *2. UHOOHEXTRA TECH is a review site that may receive compensation /commission from affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, I can receive a small affiliate commission which helps support the channel at no additional cost to you.

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